Microtech is the proven choice for providing productivity solutions for gaming industry. We offer world renowned brands and top-of-the line compact counters, large-batch table top currency sorters, coin sorters, wrappers for cashier booths or cash rooms, as well as advanced communication systems and an array of practical peripherals. While the operators keep a close eye on the cost for cash handling and require sophisticated and cost-effective solutions for their in-house processing of coins and banknotes, management can streamline ID card issuance for loyalty player’s cards, employee IDs, visitor IDs, and security IDs and reduce cost by utilizing desktop ID printers.

Currency Counters
Counterfeit Detectors
Currency Strappers
Currency Sorters
Coin Wrappers

Our complete product line of machines, ID systems and software are irreplaceable tools for an industry that operates non-stop, day and night.